Skystone Sampler Achievement in Skylanders Giants

  • Skystone Sampler



    Chapter 4 - Collect all of the Skystones


    How to unlock Skystone Sampler

    For this achievement, you'll need to defeat four opponents in a game of Skystones, and acquire the Skystone the give you for beating them. You do not need to buy any stones from the merchant in the stage.

    1. Beat Fangs in the House of Cards. This encounter teaches you how to play the game.
    2. When Cali tells you to pull the chain, ignore her and go into The Boat House to the left instead. Defeat Woof and get his stone. This one can be missed, as you do not need to talk to him to advance the stage.
    3. Beat Bandit, the prisoner, in a game.
    4. Beat Dreadbeard in a game at the end of the stage.

    Here's a video by XboxAchievables:

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  • To get this one, you need to play sky stones with 4 people in the level 3 of which are story related, but there is 1 you can miss. Do NOT perform the feat of strength which pulls the pirate ship towards you, allowing access to the cannon. Instead go into the building by the side of it and play skystones against the pirate inside. You will need to complete the level for the achievement to pop.

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