Talker in a Strange Land Achievement in Skylanders Giants

  • Talker in a Strange Land



    Chapter 7 - Talk to all of the Wilikins


    How to unlock Talker in a Strange Land

    You'll need to talk to 25 Wilikins throughout the stage to get this achievement. It can be easy to miss one, so be sure to be thorough, and try to talk to them in the order below.

    1. Livingston, before crossing the bridge
    2. Westminster, after crossing the bridge
    3. Chamberlin, inside Carlton's House (bottom-right house)
    4. Carlton, inside Carlton's House (bottom-right house)
    5. Hamilton, inside Hamilton Landing, (center-right house)
    6. Wellsley, inside Hamilton Landing, (center-right house)
    7. Helena, inside Helena's Home, (top-right house)
    8. Hazel, open the locked door inside Helena's Home, (top-right house)
    9. Courtland, inside Rutherford's Game Room (top-left house)
    10. Rutherford, inside Rutherford's Game Room (top-left house)
    11. Fitz, inside Doll Day-Care (center-left house)
    12. Klaus, inside Doll Day-Care (center-left house)
    13. Linda, inside Doll Day-Care (center-left house)
    14. Emerson, inside Catherine's House (far back-left house, up the bounce pad)
    15. Catherine, inside Catherine's House (far back-left house, up the bounce pad)
    16. Olivia, inside Stephanie's House (center house)
    17. Stephanie, inside Stephanie's House (center house)

    Areas Between Facadevilles
    18. Elizabeth, behind the double-locked door, next to the earth elemental area
    19. Seraphina, inside The Wing Caves
    20. Seraphina, inside Roc's Elbow

    Lower Facadeville
    21. Erickson, outside the three houses (talk to him first, as he will disappear)
    22. Kate, inside Kate's Keyroom (center house)
    23. Suzanne, inside Evie's Puzzle Place (right house)
    24. Evie, inside Evie's Puzzle Place (right house)
    25. Seraphina, after the triple-locked door

    Here's a video guide by TikayBeatz PSN:

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  • I must be missing one of them! Cause I keep doin this one and no go,do you have to listen to the whole conversation of each? Help!
  • I have the same problem. Maybe this video could help. I'm going to try it now.
  • Me and my husband followed the written Instructions above three times and it didn't work right away. We watched the youtube video that is attached, and we noticed that the Wilikins that challenge you to the skystone challenge. You have to deny the challenge first and then challenge them. Follow the video and this will work, It worked for us...

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