Hut Wrecker Achievement

  • Hut Wrecker



    Chapter 12 - Destroy 3 enemy huts with boulders Giants can lift


    At two points during this stage, you'll have fights where enemies spawn from out of a nearby hut. Switch to a Giant Skylander, pull up one of the boulders in the area, and toss it at the hut to destroy it (preventing any more enemies from spawning there).

    The first hut is near the start of the chapter, in front of the first gate. The second and third huts are later in the stage, just before you enter the Crystalsong Mines. There is one on each side of the entrance to the mines.

    Here is a video by 2-4 Gamerz showing the locations:

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  • To get this achievement all you need to do is play as one of the Giants and as you go round Molekin Mountain you will see quite a few boulders and huts,all you need to do is pick a boulder up with Y and if your looking at a hut and it goes a darker colour you will know that it is an enemy hut and all you do is throw the boulder at the hut and repeat this three times.

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