Soul Surfer Achievement in Skylanders Giants

  • Soul Surfer



    Collect soul gems for Tree Rex and Jet-Vac


    How to unlock Soul Surfer

    There is a soul gem hidden in each chapter. When found it will unlock an additional ability for the Skylander featured on the gem. For this achievement, you'll need to find the gem for both Tree Rex and Jet-Vac.

    Tree Rex's soul gem is located in Chapter 12, Molekin Mountain. Jet-Vac's is found in Chapter 14, Autogyro Adventure. Check OldSkoolGamer's collectibles guide for specific locations:

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  • where are both of these?
  • molekin mountain has Tree Rex hint: make sure you push an extra blockk off the edge.
  • Any word on where Jet-Vac's is located?
  • Jet-Vac's soul gem is located in chapter 14.
  • Odd acheivment just those 2? I mean tree Rex was a bit tricky to find pushing the block over the side
  • makes sense though. they r the only new Skylanders to come with the game. Cynder was in the original

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