Speed Runner I Achievement in Slender: The Arrival

  • Speed Runner I



    Beat 'The Eight Pages' level in under 5 minutes

  • How to unlock Speed Runner I

    This is best done on easy, as the AI is least aggressive, you have the most stamina and your flashlight won't run down. "The Eight Pages" is level two and takes place in Oakside Park and is largely randomized.

    In each randomization there are ten distinct landmarks, eight of which hold pages. The landmarks are always the same landmarks, but their locations change. Furthermore, you'll randomly spawn in one of four locations at the start of the level. Luckily, the layout of the park will stay the same and the locations of the pages inside the landmarks will stay the same (if there is a page at that landmark). Here is a map of the park:

    Thanks to Mech for this map!

    A good general strategy is to establish yourself along the outer perimeter of the park, work your way around, and then delve into the middle for the remaining pages. Try to stay calm when Slender Man appears and stay on the main roads - it's very easy to disorient yourself amongst the trees. There is a fair amount of luck to this with where the AI decides to place itself and where the pages end up, but with the amount of sprint you're given on easy this should be doable within a few attempts. For further assistance, here's a video:

    It's also been reported that you can get this achievement by grabbing 5/8 pages and running into Slender Man to end the level. If you're struggling with the achievement, this is a good strategy to try.

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  • No joke, collect five pages and run into Slender. Achievement unlocked.
  • As a side-note, I tried this on normal difficulty and it didn't trigger the escape sequence. I didn't bother trying it on hardcore, but if you stick to EASY difficulty and run directly into Slender Man with only five pages in hand, the level will end, shaving several minutes off of a genuine run.
  • Just verifying - the above glitch works (for now). Make sure you are on Easy difficulty, grab just 5 pages and let Slender "kill" you (run straight into him). Wait for the escape sequence to finish and, if you did all this in under 5 minutes, the achievement will unlock on the loading screen.
  • On Easy Difficulty, collect 5 pages and run into Slender. This can be done in about 2 minutes. Very easy Achievement!
  • Yup, did it in about 2 minutes!
  • I can confirm that it won't work on hardcore either, only on easy.
  • This is glitched out. Beat it repeatedly in sub-4 minute runs, never unlocked... total glitched out achievements for me "Speed Runner I" "Speed Runner II" The Collector II" "Get me out of here" (but Why Am I Playing This Game Unlocked)
  • FYI 4 pages on easy is all it takes, just unlocked on 7/18/2015
  • Play the "8 Pages" level on easy and collect 4 pages... easy The difficult part is finding Slender and running into him so he can "trap" you so you can complete the level and pop the achievement! My first run through of completing this wasn't successful as Slender kept warping away from me when I was running towards him (whimp).

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