Speed Runner III Achievement in Slender: The Arrival

  • Speed Runner III



    Beat the game in under 45 minutes

  • How to unlock Speed Runner III

    This achievement sounds much more difficult than it actually is. Once you've played through the game a few times and gotten the other "Speed Runner" achievements, you'll have a good understanding of the levels' layouts and the events you must complete in order to progress. At this point, turn the game on easy and blow through the game. To check your current shortest time for a playthrough, click on Leaderboards on the main menu.

    There are videos for this achievement under "Fearless" where the video creator is also playing on Hardcore to further assist.

    The achievement is a little glitchy. Some people have reported that you need to do the playthrough for this start-to-finish in one sitting, others have reported that as long as your overall shortest time for a difficulty is under 45 minutes you'll still unlock the achievement (i.e. you can go back through and replay individual levels to get your overall time down). Other people have further reported that they were unable to get it either way.

    The safest way to do this (and the best way to go about countering a glitch) is to delete your save after you have all of the other achievements, then do a fresh playthrough as quickly as possible on easy.

    Note: "Genesis" and the other secret level do not contribute time for this achievement.

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  • My angina isn't going to like this one.
  • Having several problems with this one. I've beat the game with 25 minutes and it isn't popping. I've even replayed every level.
  • I got it by playing the whole story on easy in one sitting begining to end including the bonus stages. I didn't die once or had the 8 pages chapter cut short by slender man or any other chapters cut short by him if he can do that on any others.
  • This is glitched. It popped for me at 57 minutes, a whole 12 minutes above the limit.
  • This is definitively glitched. I played the game (second playthrough) in one sitting. When I got to Charlie guarding the stairs, my ingame time was an hour and 37 minutes. It's only a guess, but most likely playing in one sitting will cause this one to pop.
  • You need to do this in one sitting. No level selecting at all. Also time can very above the time limit as it seems you are not penalized for cutscenes.
  • I used level selection to shave my time down from 1h30-ish, to 57 minutes, at which time the achievement popped. I don't know if it's because the achievement was bugged in my favor or if level selection is supposed to work. One of the guides suggests it's supposed to be allowed.
  • This Achievement was very easy for me. I beat the game in 1 hour and 15 minutes on my first playthrough on Normal and I still got the Achievement without trying to get it!
  • I did this in one sitting after I nabbed "speed runner II" using Level Select on "into the abyss". I just pressed "start game" and started from there. I finished somewhere around 48 minutes even though my ingame time (top right of the camera) was about an hour because of my frequent attempts on another achievement (speed runner II) before I started a full playthrough. Somebody informed me that on "Eight Pages" you had to get all eight for the speed run, but I was attacked at 7 pages. I did all levels, (Memories, triggered by the teddy bear on the mountain in "flashback", Homestead, and Escape all in the Flashblack level) and never died except for the Eight Pages fail (if that counts as a death). Once I finished the game where *spoiler-spoiler* you and the game ends I popped "fireproof"
  • and Speed Runner III. Basically, do this all in one sitting, don't die, ALTHOUGH you can grab however many pages and trigger the escape sequence in Eight Pages. You do not have to complete Genesis for this.
  • I got this on my hardcore play through. I was Ganna delete my save after beating it on hardcore and try for the speed run afterwards but it popped during the credits : )
  • is this possible on easy i got 34 min on easy but no achievement
  • I got this achievement on my first play through of the game on easy. I'd advise o play the game at first with no guide and to enjoy the game for what it is - once you've completed it you can come back to it again on easy and smash your way through it.

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