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    Destroy the Prototype Stealth U-Boat hidden in Guernsey.

    Kraken’s stealth prototype is hiding somewhere on the Island. The Underground Hospital is where the Factory was sending Kraken’s stealth plating. Any clues will be there.
    This is story related and cannot be missed.  This achievement will unlock after completing Mission 5, ‘Festung Guernsey’, on any difficulty playing solo or two-player co-op.
    Optional Objectives:
    1. Neutralize Radio Communications
    2. Stop the Construction of the Second Mirus Gun
    Kill List:
    • Find and kill Lanzo Baumann
      • Complete the kill challenge (kill Baumann by throwing him in cement [must knock him out (not kill) then throw him over the railing into the cement (do not sabotage the railing and allow him to fall in)]) to unlock the Type 100 secondary weapon

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