Target America Achievement

  • Target America



    Destroy the V2 Launch Sites and Uncover the target of Operation Kraken.

    All intelligence points at Kraken’s command centre being inside the facilities’ inner bunker. Infiltrate the interior of the base and put a stop to whatever Obergruppenführer Möller’s master plan is.
    This is story related and cannot be missed.  This achievement will unlock after completing Mission 7, ‘Secret Weapons’, on any difficulty playing solo or two-player co-op.
    Optional Objectives:
    1. Neutralize the Radio Tower
    2. Acquire the Manifest/Intel on Shipments
    3. Investigate Weapons Lab (5)
    Kill List:
    • Find and kill Christian Jungers
      • Complete the kill challenge (crush Jungers with the V2 rocket [shoot it down; do not use the switch]) to unlock the RSC 1918 rifle

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