The Kraken Sleeps Achievement

  • The Kraken Sleeps



    Stop Operation Kraken and sink its deadly fleet.

    Obergruppenführer Möller’s master plan has almost deployed. Operation Kraken is a direct attack against the United States of America. It cannot be allowed to leave St. Nazaire. Infiltrate the U-boat Pen and put a stop to it.
    This is story related and cannot be missed.  This achievement will unlock after completing Mission 8, ‘Rubble and Ruin’, on any difficulty playing solo or two-player co-op.
    Optional Objectives:
    1. Neutralize Radio Communications
    Kill List:
    • Find and kill Shinji Yoshikawa
      • Complete the kill challenge (kill Yoshikawa with a found Type 14 pistol [found on a crate in a room near Yoshikawa] or a Type 100 secondary weapon) to unlock the Type 14 Nambu pistol

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