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    Complete the entire campaign on Authentic difficulty.

    ‘Authentic’ difficulty is available right from the start. It is recommended that you do all your collectibles, kill challenges and optional objectives on a lower difficulty for reasons listed below.

    Note: This difficulty is not recommended for your first playthrough. It is suggested playing through the missions a few times until you feel comfortable where everything is and how enemies react.
    ‘Authentic ‘difficulty is ‘Sniper Elite’ difficulty on steroids. It is extremely unforgiving, so play as stealthily as possible and try not to engage enemies head on. Use a suppressor, your suppressed (subsonic) ammo and sound masking whenever possible and kill only when you have to (enemies are more aware and will react to discovered bodies more aggressively). If you do kill and have the opportunity, hide it in foliage or a bin. You can also choose to knock out enemies, but still hide the bodies regardless.

    Be especially wary of snipers as they are often not seen until it’s too late. If you get shot by one without knowing where it is, chances are you’ll be killed.

    If playing with a co-op partner, try sticking together as much as possible and watch each other’s backs. Communicate with each other at all times.

    ‘Authentic’ difficulty features:
    • No HUD (ammo, health, stamina)
    • No radar/minimap
    • Objectives do not appear on the map or in the mission (they are still listed when you press :1lb: in the map)
    • Enemies are stronger and more aggressive, take more damage, do not show up on map
    • Enemies do not show their level of alertness (yellow or red)
    • You take more damage
    • While you can still tag (to see enemy distance and information), there is no icon above tagged enemies or objects
    • No empty lung or aim assist (pressing :1rb: holds your breath and steadies your aim but it does not zoom in, give you a reticle or give you a heart meter)
    • No zooming with scope or binoculars
    • Realistic bullet drop and crosswinds (you can still use :1left: and :1right: to adjust the range of your scope)
    • When playing co-op, friendly fire is on (take damage when shot by teammate)
    Luckily, if and when you die, just like in Sniper Elite 4, you have the option to reload an auto save. They are quite generous on this difficulty, but you may have to replay a few minutes to get back to where you were. You also have the ability to create saves on this difficulty, so it is recommended you do so at regular intervals.
    Completing the game on ‘Authentic’ unlocks this achievement and Liberté (90G) if it is not unlocked yet.
    For ‘Authentic’ walkthrough videos for each mission, refer to THIS THREAD, courtesy of 360GameTV.

    ‘Authentic’ Exploit Patched - As of June 27, 2022, Rebellion patched out the ‘Authentic’ exploit, which allowed you to play through a mission on a lower difficulty, switch to ‘Authentic’, then complete the mission and get credit for the higher difficulty. This is no longer possible on digital copies of the game, but if you own it physically, potentially you can still use this method if you play the game offline and without any updates (which requires you to uninstall, reinstall, decline any updates, and play completely offline). Also, there is the possibility that if you saved your progress after changing the difficulty, that will still work as well. Neither of these has been verified by the author, but will amend the guide if and when it’s confirmed.

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