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    Win one Axis Invasion as an Invader.

    *This is an online achievement*
    From the main menu, select Play > Axis Invasion. On the next screen, you can edit your loadout, assign unused skill points and customize your character. When you’re ready, search for a match. The game will search for any mission in the campaign, not just the ones you have already completed. This cannot be boosted with a friend; you must play against randoms.
    When you enter the game, you will be placed somewhere in the mission, and you are tasked with locating and killing the Resistance sniper. Throughout the map, there are phones that, when used, will give you the general location of the sniper. A way to identify them is they will not act the same as A.I.; they will move quicker and with more purpose. Also, you can tag your allies which will help in locating the sniper as their tags disappear if they are killed.
    As you are searching, remember that you only have once chance to kill the sniper. If you are killed by them, it’s game over and you need to search for a new match. Also, if you spend too much time camping, the game will tell you to move or you will be killed. Upon killing the sniper, by any means necessary, the achievement will unlock.
    Note: If there are two Resistance snipers, you must kill them both. Also, if a German A.I. kills the sniper while you are playing in the Invasion, it counts as a win for you.

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