Fields of Glory Achievement

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    Join and finish one team-based PVP match.

    *This is an online achievement*
    This requires you to create or join one public or private match and complete it. The achievement unlocks whether you win or lose.
    Note: If hosting a private match, you can change the time and kill limit and the achievement will still unlock.
    There are four multiplayer modes, but Free-For-All does not count as it is not team-based.
    Main Menu > Play > Multiplayer
    • No Cross (50 kill limit/20 minutes) - team based; there is an impassible area in the middle of the map, kill the opposing team, sides switch halfway through the match
    • Free-For-All (50 kill limit/20 minutes) - kill anyone
    • Team Match (50 kill limit/20 minutes) - 4v4 team based; kill the opposing team
    • Squad Match (50 kill limit/20 minutes) - 4v4v4v4 team based; kill the opposing teams
    Note: If you happen to create or join a match then everyone leaves, the match does not end, so you can wait for someone else to join or quit the match. If you decide to stay and no one joins and the time limit ends in a tie score, there will be a 3-minute Overtime period. After that, Sudden Death will be instituted with an unlimited time limit.

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