Just a Flesh Wound Achievement

  • Just a Flesh Wound



    Complete a mission, excluding the "Loose Ends" mission, in any difficulty without healing.

    It is possible that you’ll unlock this without even trying.  It is recommended that you do this on Citizen or Cadet difficulty as playing on a higher difficulty would just make more work for yourself.
    The trick to this achievement is to try and stay in cover and not to engage the enemy directly so you don’t get injured. Use sound masking wherever possible and your suppressor on your rifle so enemies will have trouble finding you. If you think it will cause issues, stay away from optional objectives as they will just make the mission longer. If you’ve been injured, it would be best to expose yourself to be killed so you can restart the checkpoint at full health. As long as you don’t use any bandages or medkits on any mission besides Mission 9, ‘Loose Ends’, the achievement will still unlock.

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