Organ Grinder Achievement

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    Hit every organ at least once with a rifle.

    There are 8 organs:
    1. Eye
    2. Heart
    3. Intestines
    4. Kidney
    5. Liver
    6. Lungs
    7. Stomach
    8. Testicles
    Note: Body, head and limb shots do not count for this achievement as they are not organs.
    When zooming in on an enemy, pressing :1rb: or pressing in :1ls: to hold your breath and steady your aim will make shooting a specific area easier. On higher difficulties, you need to account for bullet drop and wind, so this is easier on a lower difficulty and on enemies that are standing still as opposed to walking.
    This will likely unlock naturally while playing through the different game modes, but if you want to get this out of the way sooner, find an easy unsuspecting target in the campaign and create a save. Your first opportunity to farm this on Mission 1 is when Karl emerges from the first workbench and first sees the radar tower. There is a sniper at approximately 360 meters just below the radar and two enemies near the structure closer to you. Create a save after tagging these enemies then proceed to shoot them in every location listed above, reloading after you’ve killed them all. Getting shots in specific organs might take some trial and error, as shooting someone in the stomach might trigger an intestine shot, and vice versa.
    Or, you can use the farming method outlined in the ‘Mop Up’ section in the roadmap since all the enemies will be unconscious.
    To check your progress, press :1menu: then navigate to Service Record > Medals > General and look under the ‘Combat’ heading to see your medal progress.  It doesn’t list specific organs, just that there are ‘8’, so you’ll have to remember what organs you’ve previously hit (or write them down).

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