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    Make a tank shoot and destroy another enemy vehicle.

    Note: If playing in co-op, this does not unlock for both players.
    For this achievement, you are required to lure a tank into shooting another enemy vehicle. There are a couple of notable missions on which this can be attempted. Note that this achievement is finicky and may not unlock after fulfilling the requirements. Make sure you create a save before attempting in case it doesn't. It’s also best to do this on the lowest difficulty, ‘Civilian’, as it should not kill you if you are too close to the exploding vehicle.
    The first location is in Mission 5, ‘Festung Guernsey’. There is a tank in a field next to a road to the northeast of the default starting point. On occasion, vehicles drive along the road, so when one does, stop it by either shooting at it or by walking in the road. Make sure that the vehicle does not stop behind the tall bushes because the tank will not or cannot shoot through them. Get the tank’s attention then run behind the vehicle and the tank should shoot it.
    This is shown at [7:38] in 360GameTV’s 'Mission 5' collectible video.
    The second location is in Mission 7, ‘Secret Weapons’. There is a crossroads just to the northeast of the default starting point (where the barbed wire barrier is). In the field on the north side of the barbed wire is a tank and vehicles drive to the crossroads from the south. As the vehicles approach, shoot at the tank to get its attention then stop the vehicles in the road. The tank will start to move, so have a vehicle between you and it so it shoots the vehicle.
    Thanks to Trophygamers for the video (Mission 7):

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