Sharpshooter Achievement

  • Sharpshooter



    Kill 350 enemies with a Rifle.

    Your rifle is the main weapon of a sniper. They come in different varieties (bolt-action vs. semi-automatic) and have different attributes. To unlock this achievement you need to cumulatively kill 350 enemies with any combination of the rifles listed above in Master of Rifles (15G) throughout all game modes.
    Refer to the ‘Mop Up’ section in the roadmap for a farming method to make this go a lot quicker.
    To check your progress, press :1menu: then navigate to Service Record > Medals > Weapons and Items and look in the first section to see your medal progress.
    Note: For Master of Rifles (15G), you are required to perform 50 headshot kills from at least 100 meters away with each of the six rifles listed above, so this will unlock naturally while you are progressing towards that.

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