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    Total kill distance of 100000 meters.

    The game measures distance in meters and this is cumulative in all game modes. You will likely not have the distance by the time you complete the campaign for the first time.
    If you’ve completed the campaign and still need distance kills, a good strategy is to find and mark a target(s) hundreds of meters away (the farther the better) then save your game. With your scoped rifle, perform the kill(s) then keep reloading as long as desired. The standard scope magnification is 8x (the Gewehr is 6x), so anything over 450-500 meters will be difficult to kill with one shot, but more powerful magnifications can be unlocked by completing missions and interacting with rifle workbenches throughout the campaign. The more powerful the magnification, the farther you can successfully shoot and kill a target with one or two shots.
    A good spot to farm this is at the beginning of Mission 3, ‘Spy Academy’. Playing on ‘Civilian’ difficulty (so there's no bullet drop or wind) and using the default starting point, 'Beaumont Marshland', move along the path until you see the fortress, but do not slide down the small hill. There are three snipers overlooking the bridge that are roughly 350-400 meters away each. There are also two closer enemies on the beach at approximately 135-180 meters away (there are more if you search for them but these are the quickest to kill). Mark them with your binoculars then create a save. After they are killed, reload your save. If you kill all five, you will get roughly 1400 meters.
    Since the location is at the beginning of the mission, you can also work on headshots for Master of Rifles (15G) as well as use the airplane flying overhead for sound masking for As Quiet as a Mouse (15G).

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