Rigged to Blow Achievement

  • Rigged to Blow



    Kill 20 soldiers using booby traps.

    When you kill an enemy, you have the option to plant a booby trap on the body for someone else to discover. After you’ve killed someone, stand over them and hold :1rb: when prompted to plant an explosive (grenade, TNT or teller mine). You can do this only if you have explosives in your inventory.
    To get someone else to discover the body, you can do one of two things. First, if someone is nearby, you can throw a bottle or whistle to get their attention and lure them into discovering the body, or second, you can pick up the dead body and carry it to where other enemies are patrolling, drop/throw the body and hide. You can then either wait for them to naturally discover the body or you can again throw bottles to lure them closer. Once they walk over to investigate and stand next to the body, they will be killed by the booby trap and the achievement will unlock.
    A good method to get this out of the way is to create a save just before the body is discovered. Once they are, just reload that save and keep repeating until the achievement has unlocked.
    To check your progress, press :1menu: then navigate to Service Record > Medals > Weapons and Items and look in the first section to see your medal progress.

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