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    Get a kill with 20 different weapons.

    For this achievement, you need to get a kill with every base weapon in the game. There are six rifles, six secondary weapons, six pistols and three heavy weapons (the Panzerfaust, PzB Anti Tank and MG42 [mounted or picked up]). For a list of the weapons, refer to the “Master of…” achievements. Once you get a kill with a weapon, it saves automatically. You must kill an enemy cleanly, not destroy a truck it is sitting in, shoot an environmental explosive or even shoot the grenade on their belt; they must be killed by your bullet.

    All of these weapons do not have to be unlocked to get a kill with them as you can find them within each mission, either from caches, lying on a crate or looted from dead enemies.
    Refer to the ‘Mop Up’ section in the roadmap for a farming method to make this go a lot quicker.

    To check your progress, press :1menu: then navigate to Service Record > Medals > Weapons and Items and look in the first section to see your medal progress. It doesn’t list specific weapons, just that there are ‘20’, so you’ll have to remember what weapons you’ve used (or write them down).

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