Die Nussknacker Sweet! Achievement

  • Die Nussknacker Sweet!



    Get a testicle shot with a rifle from a distance of 100 meters or more.

    This may be earned through natural progression, but you just need to make sure that your target is at least 100 meters away. It is suggested that you survey the area with binoculars and tag any enemies that are visible. Focusing on an enemy will reveal its distance in relation to you. Choose your target then create a save in case you don’t hit the correct area.
    With your rifle, as you’re holding :1lt:, zoom in fully and aim for the crotch area then press :1rb: to focus your shot. When the reticule turns red, take the shot. You do not need to see the x-ray cam; as long as it registers as a testicle shot, the achievement will unlock.
    In my experience, the enemy needed to be facing me for it to register as a testicle shot. If you don’t hit the right organ, just reload your save or try on someone else.
    Note: You will not have a reticule on ‘Authentic’ difficulty.

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