As Quiet as a Mouse Achievement

  • As Quiet as a Mouse



    Kill 50 enemies during a Sound Mask.

    This may be earned through natural progression. Sound masking can occur in any number of ways; when a plane is flying overhead, a vehicle is driving past you or if you sabotage either a vehicle or generator.
    When there is sound masking, sound waves will appear at the top-center of your screen. When that happens, any shot you take isn’t heard but the waves only last for a few seconds before they disappear. The sound masking returns every few seconds and repeats indefinitely, so continue to use it as long as there are enemies in the area.
    Enemies can be fully alerted to your location, but if there is sound when you shoot and kill an enemy, it will count as being sound masked. If there are a lot of enemies in the area, you can create a save, kill your targets while sound masked, then reload the save and repeat.
    A good method to get this out of the way is to create a save just before you kill an enemy(s) with sound masking. Once they are, just reload that save and keep repeating until the achievement has unlocked.
    To check your progress, press :1menu: then navigate to Service Record > Medals > General and look under the ‘Combat’ heading to see your medal progress.

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