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    Melee takedown each one of the three snipers guarding the bridge.

    Note: If playing in co-op, this does unlock for both players.

    This is unlocked in Mission 6, ‘Libération’. Along the western part of the map is a primary objective called ‘Investigate the Western Bridge’. Overlooking the bridge are three snipers. The first sniper is in the steeple of a church, the second is in a window on the top floor of a brick hotel, and the third is surveying the area from the attic of a house with a bombed-out roof.

    Approaching the area from the south, from a safe distance, mark each sniper with your binoculars. Then, one by one, enter each structure and perform lethal takedowns on them. If playing on ‘Civilian’ difficulty, you shouldn’t have to worry about them or other enemies being alerted.

    If you missed this while playing the mission the first time, and have unlocked all the starting positions, the closest starting point is ‘Riverside House’. This will start you just south of the western objective.

    Thanks to Trophygamers for the video:

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