Road Rage Achievement

  • Road Rage



    In Research Facility, find and destroy one of each type of vehicle present in this mission.

    Note: If playing in co-op, this does not unlock for both players; each player needs to destroy the vehicles for themselves.

    This is unlocked in Mission 7, ‘Secret Weapons’. Throughout this mission, you will see different types of vehicles around the map. When you encounter them, if they are driving around, make them stop on the road then proceed to destroy them however you can. For the tank, there are two stationed in the southern middle portion of the map. Tanks take a considerable amount of damage, so it helps greatly if you have armor-piercing rounds for all your weapons. Don’t squander them though as you have a limited supply. As for the gunboat, there is only one in the mission, and it is in the lower western part of the map.

    When you look at a vehicle through your rifle scope, weak spots will flash red, so that’s where you want to shoot.

    The six vehicles you need to destroy are:
    • Armored Car
    • Gunboat
    • Kübelwagen Car
    • Motorbike
    • Tank
    • Truck (Cargo, Covered, or Tanker)

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