Brains of the Operation Achievement

  • Brains of the Operation



    Kill Möller with a headshot.

    Note: If playing in co-op, this does not unlock for both players, so create a save beforehand.

    This is unlocked in Mission 9, ‘Loose Ends’. Before beginning the mission, you’ll want to edit your loadout.

    You first need to equip your best scope. If you’ve been finding all the workbenches in the game, you should have the 12x ‘M84’ scope for the SREM-1 and the 16x ‘A2 Optical’ scope for the M.1903; either one will be fine. Next, if you have it, select Match Grade ammo as it is good for distance targets. Finally, edit your rifle so it is stable as possible; the ‘Control’ stat. The greater it is, the less the rifle will wobble when you’re aiming, so use a combination of the other categories to raise it as much as possible.

    When you are satisfied with your loadout, start the mission on any difficulty, but ‘Civilian’ is recommended since there’s no bullet drop or wind. When the mission starts, first create a save in case you don’t make the shot. Then, equip your binoculars and tag Möller as he exits the house. When he stops on the steps (he will be approximately 240 meters away), switch to your rifle, press :1lt: to aim and then :1rb: to empty your lungs. When you’re lined up with his head, press :1rt: to take the shot. If successful, you will see a kill cam. If not, try again or reload your save so no one is alerted.

    Refer to the video in Can't Outrun A Bullet (30G) if you need assistance.

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