Shoot for the Moon Achievement

  • Shoot for the Moon



    Complete three Survival missions.

    *This is an online achievement if not playing solo*

    There are three maps to this mode and completing them all is required for this achievement. This can be played solo or with up to three teammates. There are 12 waves in Survival, divided into four command posts. It is your basic horde-type mode where you must defend a command post and survive until all 12 waves have been completed. Capturing the command post does not equate to game over, but if everyone playing dies, it is.

    You can play on any difficulty, but if you’re just out for the achievement, playing on ‘Civilian’ difficulty as it offers the least challenge. From the main menu, navigate to ‘Play’ then ‘Survival’. The three maps are ‘Pest Control’, ‘Prime Real Estate’ and ‘Unwanted Guests’.

    Note: If you join a game already in progress and complete through Wave 12, it will count towards this achievement. When you are in the ‘Survival’ game mode, select ‘Browse Games’. You will be given a list of current games; how many players, the map and the difficulty. When you select one, before joining, it will show you which command post the game started on (Able, Baker, Charlie or Dog). If possible, try joining a game that’s already on the Dog command post on the difficulty desired and play the game to completion. If they've all started on Able, join a game to see how far along it is to determine if you want to stay or not.

    Notes about Survival:
    • Setting traps before a wave starts or during, especially around enemy entry points or along vehicle patrols, can be beneficial in thinning out the invading attackers. Set some traps around the perimeter of the command post as well.
    • When there are five enemies left in each wave, they are outlined and tagged on screen.
    • Every few waves there is a vehicle (tank or other armored vehicle). Depending on what difficulty you play on will determine how many vehicles appear. These must be destroyed in order for the wave to end.
    • If you go into a “down by not out” state, you can revive yourself provided you have medkits or bandages in your inventory. If you don’t and you’re playing solo, the game is over. If you are playing with teammates, they have a limited time to revive you, but if they don’t, you will respawn at the beginning of the next wave.
    • Bonus XP is awarded at the end of the wave if you successfully defend the command post. The enemies’ main objective is to capture that post. If you lose it, you cannot resupply and have to rely on searching dead bodies for supplies. The command post moves after every three waves.

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