My Little Friend Achievement

  • My Little Friend



    Kill 50 soldiers with heavy weapons.

    There are three base heavy weapons in the game, the Panzerfaust, the PzB Anti Tank and the MG42. Killing with either or all of these weapons will earn progress towards this achievement. They can be found in many of the missions, but are rarer than other weapons and have limited ammo.

    Kills with the MG42 are counted whether it’s mounted or picked up and carried. They are usually found in emplacements or trenches and have a high rate of fire. The Panzerfaust and PzB Anti Tank are basically grenade launchers and are best used when multiple enemies are standing close to one another.

    As with many other cumulative achievements in the game, save your game if you are in an ideal area with numerous enemies. Perform the kills, reload that save and keep repeating until the achievement has unlocked.

    To check your progress, press :1menu: then navigate to Service Record > Medals > Weapons and Items and look in the first section to see your medal progress.

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