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    Wolf Mountain - Kill Hitler at a distance of 300 meters or more.

    This is best unlocked in a subsequent playthrough after you have unlocked the ‘Berghof Guardhouse’ starting point at the northeast part of the map which starts you much closer to the target. You should also attempt this on ‘Civilian’ difficulty.

    Beginning from the ‘Berghof Guardhouse’ starting point, head down the road and stick to the left side. After a few meters, there will be a path that runs parallel to the road, with steps leading up to the road. Climb the stairs and eliminate the enemies in the area. Cross the road and go through a door and up a hill which leads to the main house. When you reach the house, there will be a wall with vines you can climb, so climb up to the balcony. Try to do this as stealthy as possible, because if the enemies are alerted, climbing to the balcony can be very difficult.

    On the balcony, focus your view on the tea house, which is east of the main house. If you were quick enough to get to this position, Hitler’s entourage should just be arriving at the tea house. If he has already arrived and entered the building, you need to wait for him to exit.

    He will be at approximately 320 meters while standing in front of the tea house, so as soon as you see him, create a save in case you miss your shot (or if you want to use this to kill him five times for Führerious Repetition (15G)). While he is walking away (or towards) his car, zoom in with your rifle scope as much as you can and press :1rb: to focus your shot. He doesn’t need to be killed with one shot as long as it’s over 300 meters away. If you successfully kill him, a medal and this achievement will unlock.

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