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    Wolf Mountain - Complete the mission on Authentic difficulty.

    Note: This should be attempted with a suppressed rifle to make it easier to unlock Covert Elimination (30G) and Reich To The Point (15G) as well, but isn’t completely necessary provided you’re very careful after you make the shot. It is highly recommended, however, along with equipping subsonic ammo.

    This is best unlocked in a subsequent playthrough after you have unlocked the ‘Berghof Guardhouse’ starting point at the northeast part of the map which starts you much closer to the target.

    Beginning from the ‘Berghof Guardhouse’ starting point, head down the road and stick to the left side. After a few meters, there will be a path that runs parallel to the road, and at the end on the left side is a gate. Run through the gate and down the trail and you will approach the tea house from a distance. Hitler’s first stop on his itinerary is the tea house, and you will only need to wait a couple of minutes for him to arrive.

    He will arrive in a white car with motorbike escorts. At this point, create a save just in case you get detected, then wait for him to exit the car. As he’s walking towards the tea house, aim for his head then take the shot (if playing on ‘Authentic’, you will not be able to zoom in nor get a reticule or slow your breathing when you focus your shot). In order to not be detected, you should only take one shot, so make it count. Once he’s killed, turn around and run back towards the gate.

    Depending on if you used a suppressor and/or subsonic ammo, the enemies on the road might have heard the shot (yellow alert). If they have, be very careful when walking back to the start of the path, hiding behind boxes and the guard station to avoid being seen. Wait for any enemies to run past you then book it back to the exfiltration point, which is in the middle of the road next to your starting point. When you get there, press :1y: to exit the mission. This will at least unlock this achievement, Covert Elimination (30G) and Reich To The Point (15G).

    ‘Authentic’ Exploit Patched - As of June 27, 2022, the ‘Authentic’ exploit does not work anymore as it has been patched out. Refer to Best of the Best (90G) for more information.

    Thanks to Trophygamers for the video:

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