Operation Foxley Achievement

  • Operation Foxley



    Wolf Mountain - Complete the mission with a 2 star rating.

    In order to receive a 2-star rating, you are required to both complete the mission and both optional objectives.

    Optional Objectives:
    1. Disable the Radio Equipment (2)
    2. Neutralize Anti-Air Guns (2)
    The radio equipment is in two structures near the beginning of the mission. You have the option of either destroying the equipment in both structures or sabotaging the two suspension cables near the larger structure that are securing the tower which will then topple the tower.

    For the anti-air guns, one is across the road to the northwest from the larger structure (where one of the radios is located) and the other is along the windy road to the east.

    Note: Completing the two optional objectives in this mission count towards No Stone Unturned (15G).

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