Front and Center Achievement

  • Front and Center



    Get a scoped headshot over 150m

    This should be the first achievement you get and are many chances to get this in the game. Detailed below are the first two opportunities.
    In the 'Prologue', your main objective is to eliminate Major-General Hans von Eisenberg. When you've progressed enough into the mission to locate him, you will see him through a window standing in a square talking with someone. At this distance, the Major-General is about 180 meters away. As you're aiming, press and hold :1rb: to slow your heart rate and steady your shot so he is an easier target. As long as you eliminate him with a headshot, the achievement will unlock.
    Alternatively, at the start of Mission 1, 'Schoneberg Convoy', work your way to a long street. At the far end on top of a building is a sniper (he is to the left). Standing at the back of the street will put the sniper at around 180-190 meters. Line up a headshot and shoot, and if you hit the sniper in the head the achievement will unlock.

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