Fuel Tank Achievement

  • Fuel Tank



    Destroy a tank by sniping the fuel supply

    Your first opportunity to unlock this will be on Mission 1, 'Schoneberg Convoy'.
    After eliminating Dr. Kreidl from your elevated position then returning to ground level to kill the few remaining enemies (for the Get Off the Ground (10G) achievement), a cutscene will show a tank appear on the street. As it drives up it will show you where the fuel caps are located on the back of the tank. What you will need to do is shoot the fuel cap to cause the tank to explode. It can be very annoying due to it being so small, just take your time and it will unlock.
    Note: If you are attempting to unlock Get Off the Ground (10G) at this point, as you are eliminating the enemies on the ground the tank will show up. Since it will likely be around the corner and will not advance to your position, you can ignore it for the time being. Once that achievement unlocks, head back to an elevated position (the same position you eliminated Dr. Kreidl from preferably) and shoot the fuel cap on the tank.

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