Silent but Deadly Achievement

  • Silent but Deadly



    Covertly kill 25 unaware enemies

    Unaware enemy kills are stealth kills performed by sneaking up behind an enemy and shooting them in the head with your silenced pistol/knifing them or kills done while masked by noise. An easy way to boost this is to start Mission 1, 'Schoneberg Convoy', and kill the enemy at the start by stealth killing him from behind with :1a: and restarting checkpoint. Repeat until the achievement unlocks.
    If you don't want to keep reloading checkpoints, this achievement will most likely unlock naturally over the course of your campaign playthrough if you’re playing stealthily.
    To see how many you have done, from the main menu, navigate to Extras then Career Stats. Press :1rb: to highlight 'Single Player' then look for 'Unaware Enemies Killed'.

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