World Record Achievement

  • World Record



    Get 506 cumulative sniper kills

    Note: Only scoped kills count towards this achievement.

    This number is in reference to Simo Hayha, a Finnish sniper during World War II who accumulated 506 confirmed kills against the Red Army over the course of his military career. A truly remarkable accomplishment.
    This is a cumulative achievement and every kill you get with your sniper rifle counts towards this, regardless of distance. This includes sniper kills during the campaign or any co-op or online modes.
    If you have not unlocked this by the time you’ve completed your campaign playthroughs, you can select Mission 1, 'Schoneberg Convoy', on 'Cadet' and keep running through it. Playing smartly, you can get about 30 kills in 10 minutes each time you play it, and if you need to farm kills at this point, chances are you aren’t that far away from 506.
    To see how many you have done, from the main menu, navigate to Extras then Career Stats. Press :1rb: to highlight 'Single Player' then look for 'Scoped Kills'.

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