Jungle Juice Achievement

  • Jungle Juice



    Find and snipe all the hidden bottles throughout the game

    There are a total of 37 bottles hidden throughout the 11 missions of the main campaign. They are often in out of the way locations and at a distance not normally accessible. Some are also very hard to see, whether it is the distance or that they blend in with the environment.
    To unlock this achievement, you need to snipe all 37 bottles. There is a counter on screen which increases each time you shoot one. Here’s how many bottles are in each mission:
    • 'Prologue' - 1
    • Mission 1, 'Schoneberg Convoy' - 2
    • Mission 2, 'Mittelwerk Facility' - 5
    • Mission 3, 'Kaiser-Friedrich Museum' - 4
    • Mission 4, 'Opernplatz' - 3
    • Mission 5, 'St. Olibartus Church' - 4
    • Mission 6, 'Tiergarten Flak Tower' - 3
    • Mission 7, 'Karlshorst Command Post' - 5
    • Mission 8, 'Kreuzberg HQ' - 4
    • Mission 9, 'Kopenick Launch Site' - 3
    • Mission 10, 'Brandenburg Gate' - 3
    To see how many you have done, from the main menu, navigate to Extras then Career Stats. Press :1rb: to highlight 'Single Player' then look for 'Total Bottles Destroyed'. You can also check this by highlighting each mission on the Mission Select screen.
    Sniper Elite V2 Remastered All Gold Bars / Hidden Bottles Collectibles Locations thread by 360GameTV
    Thanks to 360GameTV for the video:
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