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    Get a sniped ricochet headshot

    This achievement is based more on luck than anything, but it still relatively easy to obtain. The requirement of this achievement is to bounce a bullet off of a wall, floor, or any object and strike an enemy in the head. Chances are that you might get this through natural progression but here are a couple of opportunities.
    Your first opportunity is in the 'Prologue' when you are tasked with eliminating Major-General Hans von Eisenberg. You will see him speaking with his Russian contact in a square. Line up your sights so the horizontal line of the scope is level with the heads of the two enemies. Instead of shooting the Major-General in the head, aim at the column to the right and shoot. If you hit the right location, the bullet will ricochet off the column and hit the Russian contact in the head. If it does not, reload the checkpoint and try again.
    Thanks to 360GameTV for the video:

    Another opportunity is in Mission 8, 'Karlshorst Command Post'. Just after you destroy the tank and kill the enemies in front of the building, enter the building and walk halfway down a ramp. Make sure you are on the right-hand side. Aim down the hallway and you will see a couple of enemies run into your sights. Aim at the floor in front of them and keep shooting until a bullet ricochets off the floor and hits one of them in the head. If this does not happen by the time all the enemies are dead, reload the checkpoint and try again.
    Thanks to PowerPyx for the video:

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