Double Dose Achievement

  • Double Dose



    Snipe 2 people with one shot

    Your first opportunity to unlock this is in Mission 1, 'Schoneberg Convoy'. At the very start of the mission, silently take out the unaware enemy against the post. Then walk around the truck and you will see two enemies walking in the street. Position yourself near the back of the truck with the motorcycles directly in line with one of the enemies. The other enemy will join the first one giving you an almost perfect line of sight to take them both out. You may have to adjust your position slightly but once you see them lined up in your scope, shoot the closest one in the head and the bullet should travel through and hit the second one. If it does not, just reload the checkpoint and try again.
  • just like the 360 this can be had at the start of the Schoneberg Convoy mission (mission after tutorial mission). stealth kill the first German soldier then scope in at the soldier just past the truck and wait. when you see the second soldier come into scope hit RB to hold your breath and fire as he passes behind the first soldier you aimed at.

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