Veteran Sniper Achievement

  • Veteran Sniper



    Discover the location of the V2 launch site

    This is story related and cannot be missed. This can be earned on any difficulty.
    Towards the end of Mission 8, 'Kreuzberg HQ', your objective is to find Dr. Wolff’s office and locate any information about the V2 launch site. In the square surrounded by buildings, make your way to the first objective marker. You will need to eliminate a good number of enemies on your way there, but luckily there is sound masking to muffle the sound of you shooting.
    Upon finding Wolff's office, you learn that the information you seek is in the Government Ministry building on the other side of the square. Make your way to the next objective (again, eliminating enemies along the way). Enter the building and climb the stairs to the objective marker. When you reach it, a cutscene will play showing that the information is being burned in the fireplace. You save it just in time to learn the location of the launch site, thus unlocking this achievement.

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