Sniper Elite Achievement

  • Sniper Elite



    Complete all missions on Sniper Elite difficulty

    Note: Just like the Xbox 360 version, this achievement will not unlock if you complete the game in co-op. This must be done solo.
    To unlock this achievement, you need to complete the game on 'Sniper Elite' difficulty. You cannot use any custom settings.
    'Sniper Elite' is the highest difficulty in the game. There are the same number of enemies and they follow the same patterns as on lower difficulties, but they hit harder and take more damage. Also on this difficulty, you cannot tag enemies, and there is considerable bullet drop and crosswinds when aiming through the scope. You need to adjust your vertical and horizontal aiming in order to hit your target.
    It is recommended that you play more strategically on this difficulty. The checkpoints are the same as on lower difficulties, but if you do not play wisely, you will die a lot more than necessary.
    Here are a few tips to help you while playing on ‘Sniper Elite’ difficulty:
    • Scouting is very helpful while playing on ‘Sniper Elite’ difficulty. To use your binoculars press in :1rs: and use :1up: and :1down: to zoom in and out. Before attacking or walking into an area, scout it out for enemies or to plan your attack/route; it will make things a lot easier for you rather than just guessing where to go.
    • Utilize sound masking whenever possible.
    • Rocks will really come in handy on this playthrough. When faced with a group of enemies, use rocks to guide them away giving you the opportunity to advance, even to split up a group of enemies to take them out one by one.
    • Use cover ALL THE TIME. Enemies will have their eye on you this playthrough and they rarely miss a shot. Just wait until you think you're safe then pop your head up and take out one enemy at a time.
    • Although ammo caches are spread across each level, they do not restock mines or grenades. Make sure you are looting dead bodies as often as possible for those life-saving tools.
    • Set traps when sitting in an open area or a building that the enemy can access. It helps a lot because if you get an enemy behind you while you are concentrating on sniping, without traps set, they will without a doubt kill you.
    • Just take your time; rushing will not help you on this difficulty. Take as much time as you need and be as stealthy as possible. Your silenced pistol will come in handy in tight spots; try for the headshot because it takes a bit to ready your gun between shots. When faced with multiple enemies, use your machine gun.
    For those of you that would rather not play the entire game on Sniper Elite difficulty, there is an exploit that allows you to play most of a mission on a lower difficulty then the final checkpoint on Sniper Elite. Refer to THIS POST for the process.

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