Kilroy was Here Achievement

  • Kilroy was Here



    Make it through the tower to the winch room without being spotted

    During Mission 6, 'Tiergarten Flak Tower', you will receive an objective to find a path to the roof of the flak tower. Upon entering the tower, you cannot be spotted at all. Following the video below, stay crouched most of the time and only eliminate enemies in your path.
    Once you reach the roof, there will be sound masking but still be careful as there are guards patrolling. Work your way across the roof and up and down stairs until you reach the winch room. After a short cutscene, the achievement will unlock.
    Guards can become aware if anything is amiss (like finding a body), but if you are spotted at any time, just reload the checkpoint.
    Thanks to 360GameTV for the video:
  • The achievement is located in Mission 6 - Tiergarten Flak Tower. After a while you will come to a flaktower. Head inside and from here until you reached the winch room you can't be spotted. Luckily you can restart the checkpoint if you get spotted. Dead bodies are not a issue as long you are not detected.

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