Target Spotted! Achievement

  • Target Spotted!



    As a spotter in Overwatch, tag 50 enemies

    *Online Co-op*
    This must be done in co-op, either with a friend or a random player. Coordinating with a friend is more beneficial because you are likely to work better together than with a random.
    For this achievement, you need to pick the role of the spotter (binoculars icon). In this role, you will be working from the ground, tagging enemies and completing map objectives.
    Using your binoculars from a covered position, press :1rt: to tag enemies so the sniper can eliminate them. Tagging 50 enemies will unlock this achievement. This is cumulative; it does not have to be done in one game.
    Note: Since there are five maps to complete for the Can Do! (50G) achievement, you will likely get this through progression.
    If you are having difficulty finding a partner, post in the Official XBA Friend and Co-op Finder thread.

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