Bomb Happy Achievement

  • Bomb Happy



    Survive 10 games of Bombing Run

    *Online Co-op*
    To unlock this achievement, you must complete 10 games of 'Bombing Run' with a co-op partner. There are three maps to choose from ('Command Post', 'Kaiser-Friedrich Museum' and 'Kopenick Launch Site'), so experiment with them to see which one is easiest for you.
    In this game mode, you must run around the map collecting parts for your vehicle in order to escape. The parts are identified on the map by a letter. It’s best if you work together; one player collects the part while the other provides cover. Once both players have collected a part, go back to the vehicle and repair it. Once the vehicle is totally repaired, a cutscene will play with you driving away. Successfully complete 10 to unlock the achievement.
    Note: If both players die, you fail the mission and must start over.
    Note II: If you place the final part and then get downed, you will not get credit for the achievement.

    If you are having difficulty finding a partner, post in the Official XBA Friend and Co-op Finder thread.
    Author’s Note: I personally found 'Kopenick Launch Site' the quickest. It has the fewest parts needed, they are closer together and the map is the smallest. When you spawn, we found it best to go for parts D and E first. After dropping them off, we would collect A then drop it off. At this point, the 5:00 timer started for us and more enemies spawned. We would kill as many as we could on our way to B. After collecting B, we’d then head into the church to collect C. Finally we’d run back to the vehicle to drop off the parts to end the level. We worked our time down from about 8:00 to a little over 5:00 when we finally unlocked the achievement.
    Thanks to TheNewfrewelian for the video:

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