Can Do! Achievement

  • Can Do!



    Complete all Overwatch missions in Cooperative mode

    *Online Co-op*
    This must be done in co-op, either with a friend or a random player. Coordinating with a friend is more beneficial because you are likely to work better together than with a random.
    There are five Overwatch missions to complete: 'Graves', 'Kaiser-Friedrich Museum', 'Kreuzberg HQ', 'Opernplatz' and 'Schoneberg Streets'. Completing all five in either role (sniper or spotter) and on any difficulty will unlock the achievement.
    If you are having difficulty finding a partner, post in the Official XBA Friend and Co-op Finder thread.
  • Anyone down to get this?
  • Need someone to do all the Co-op achievements with, I'm free whenever basically. GT: Nu Gloom
  • Anyone still needing help with this? Hit me up I need this and the other co OP achievements as well. Gt couch sluggy.

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