Smoking Kills Achievement

  • Smoking Kills



    Kill 6 smoking soldiers on Neudorf Outpost

    Note: It is possible to unlock this achievement and Silence is Golden (10G) in the same playthrough.
    To play this mission: Single Player > Challenge > Neudorf Outpost. Note that you cannot play this mission in co-op. It is recommended that you select the Welrod in your loadout before attempting this achievement.
    You can change the difficulty to Custom and it will not void the achievement since this mission is not considered a part of the main campaign. Recommended settings are:
    • Difficulty: Custom
    • Enemy Skill: Rookie
    • Ballistic Realism: Simple
    • Tactical Assistance: Full
    To unlock this achievement, you need to be completely undetected because if you disrupt any enemy’s routine, they might not be smoking when they should. Also, enemy placement is somewhat randomized, especially in the upper section, so if an enemy who should be smoking isn’t (as shown in the video), restart the mission.
    In order for a kill to count, they must be actively smoking. There are at 2-3 smoking enemies in the upper section (you can skip #2 in the image below if you want as they are not always there) and at least four in the lower section. When you’ve killed them in the upper section, it is suggested that you climb the sniper nest that overlooks the lower section (#3) and from there kill the remaining smoking enemies. You have a wide field of vision from this nest and can easily spot and snipe the rest of them with sound masking. Tag enemies as you find them to keep track of them. Once you have killed six smoking enemies, the achievement will unlock.
    Note: It is possible that you may locate more than six smoking enemies, but the requirement is to kill just six. Thus, you may kill someone who is not shown in the image or video below.

  • Some enemies in the mission smoke from time to time. These enemies are at fixed positions on the map. 6 of them I show you in this video.

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