You were only supposed to... Achievement

  • You were only supposed to...



    Allow all 3 commanders to enter the command centre in The Landwehr Canal, then blow the doors

    Note: It is possible to unlock this achievement and Watchmen (10G) in the same playthrough.
    To play this mission: Single Player > Challenge > The Landwehr Canal. Note that you cannot play this mission in co-op. It is recommended that you select the Welrod in your loadout before attempting this achievement.
    You can change the difficulty to Custom and it will not void the achievement since this mission is not considered a part of the main campaign. Recommended settings are:
    • Difficulty: Custom
    • Enemy Skill: Rookie
    • Ballistic Realism: Simple
    • Tactical Assistance: Full
    Once you’ve eliminated the five snipers and have unlocked Watchmen (10G), head for the circular building with the red flags and dome across the courtyard on the eastern side of the map. Situate yourself on the balcony overlooking the courtyard and wait for the countdown timer to reach zero.
    When the three commanders show up, they will (slowly) enter the building on the ground level. Follow their yellow icons, and when all three are below where you're waiting, walk through the doorway behind you and drop down through the broken floor. There will be a door with a satchel charge icon on it. Hold :1a: to place the charge and back up. When the door blows, the achievement will unlock.
    Refer to Watchmen (10G) for a video showing how to unlock this.
  • My video guide for Watchman and You were only supposed to... (You should do both together)

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