Shoot the Alps Achievement

  • Shoot the Alps



    Get a total shot distance of over 4,000 meters in Saint Pierre

    Note: It is recommended that you do not attempt this and Secret Service (25G) in the same playthrough since you need to kill enemies silently and up close for that achievement.
    To play this mission: Single Player > Challenge > Saint Pierre. Note that you cannot play this mission in co-op.
    You can change the difficulty to Custom and it will not void the achievement since this mission is not considered a part of the main campaign. Recommended settings are:
    • Difficulty: Custom
    • Enemy Skill: Rookie
    • Ballistic Realism: Simple
    • Tactical Assistance: Full
    Note: Make sure you are killing enemies at a distance. There might be a some here and there that you will kill under 100 meters, but the majority of kills should be 120-160 meters, if not more. It is also suggested that you get headshots as often as possible. The achievement doesn’t unlock until the mission is over and you are on the tally screen. Unfortunately, you will not know if you’ve achieved the required distance until the mission ends or if you are keeping track of the distance yourself, although a pop-up tracker appears on screen at certain intervals as notification.
    From your starting point, move forward until there is an opening on your right. Follow this road around the bend and make your way along the continuing road (or close to the buildings that run parallel to the road), being careful not to be seen. It is recommended that you mark enemies as you go along so you know where they are when you start killing them. Your destination will be the church in the southeast corner of the village. From there, you will have a vantage of a good portion of the map, but not all of it.
    Using this elevated position, continue marking your targets (don’t forget about the one sleeping in an attic at the far end of the map as shown in the first video at 2:10) then when you’re ready, begin sniping enemies one by one, trying to kill them when they are farthest from your position. Continue marking your targets in case you think that they are too close (so you can get some distance from them) or have a tendency to seek cover. At some point, you may have to reposition to another vantage point at the other end of the map (possibly where that sleeping enemy was) or even at ground level in order to kill the last few enemies. Once you have killed all 13 enemies patrolling the village, you objective will be to use the radio in the church to lure General Rodebrecht and his soldiers into the village. Your distance for this first wave should be roughly 1200-1500 meters.
    The next wave of enemies will arrive from the north. This is where you will rack up most of your distance kills. There will be approximately 20 enemies including the General. Once you pick up the General’s service book, about 5 more enemies will appear near your exit point as well as an armored vehicle.
    Taking position once again in the church, your location will be unknown to the General upon arriving so use this time to mark as many as possible before they start patrolling throughout the village. When you’re ready, begin sniping once again. Take your time to make sure you are getting the longest distance possible. You should be able to pick off most of the enemies from your perch, but may have to reposition to kill the last few. When most if not all the enemies are dead, retrieve the General’s book.
    When you pick up the book, the final objective marker will appear in the southeast part of the village. If you look at the map, almost directly north of the church you will see a vantage point in a small corner building. Positioning here will give you a line of sight down the street to most if not all the remaining enemies, so make your way there if you desire, but be careful as the armored vehicle parks in the vicinity.
    When you’ve killed the remaining enemies and destroyed the armored vehicle (you get distance for that, too), proceed to the objective marker and complete the mission. If you managed to kill enemies to attain the required distance, the achievement will unlock.
    Thanks to disidente docx for the video (sped up in parts, 4600 meters):

    Thanks to SkaraBrean for the video (Elite, no tagging, 5300 meters):

    Thanks to Durexiq for the video (age restricted, need to sign in, 4400 meters):

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