- Estimated achievement difficulty: 1/10
- Online: 0
- Offline: 21 [1000]
- Approximate amount of time to 10007-9 Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: Multiple [Level Select]
- Missable achievements: None [Level Select]
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: No

From Fox Digital Entertainment, Activision and Behaviour Interactive comes the side-scrolling platform video game The Peanuts Movie: Snoopy's Grand Adventure. This game plays as a side-scrolling platform video game based on The Peanuts Movie. 

You, as the player, play as Snoopy and can be joined by a second controller to play as his pal, Woodstock. You must work together to pass several levels with enemies to help find Charlie Brown. Along the way you will collect Jelly Beans, find and wear various costumes, and find members of the Beagle Scouts.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
The objective to obtaining that sweet 1000 gamerscore is to collect all costumes, Jelly Beans per level and Beagle Scouts. Each level contains 300 Jelly Beans and 6 Beagle Scouts per level (excluding the "Skies of Paris" levels as they only have 250 Jelly Beans per level but the same amount of Beagle Scouts per level).

Although this is a quick 1000 gamerscore, the thing that'll drag it down is the Jelly Bean hunting as you must play each level twice due to the fact that some areas are only accessible with other costumes. I highly recommend that you do a speed-run of all of the levels until you unlock all of the costumes (the Detective costume will be the last one to collect in the level Goopy Gutters in the Parisian Underground chapter) or beat the game. Then come back to collect the remaining Jelly Beans. Other than that, enjoy your journey with the Peanuts gang.

[XBA would like to thank Redemption Mode for this Roadmap]

The Peanuts Movie: Snoopy's Grand Adventure Achievement Guide

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There are 21 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Unlock the Beagle Scout Costume

    You will gain this costume in the chapter "Peppermint Jungle," level "Outfield Grove." When wearing the costume, your new abilities are climbing vines and fences. Also, when hunting for the Beagle Scouts, a compass on the bottom-right corner of your screen will point to the nearest one.

  • Unlock the Astronaut Costume

    You will gain this costume in the chapter "Temple of Bunnies," level "Bunny Blitz." When wearing the costume, your new ability will be to jump higher by holding the .

  • Unlock the Flying Ace Costume

    You will unlock this costume at the very end of the chapter "Lunar Surface," "Cosmic Punters" level. This particular costume has no special abilities other than unlocking the "Skies of Paris" levels.

  • Unlock the Masked Marvel Costume

    You will gain this costume in the chapter "Lunar Surface" - "Blue Cosmos." Your new abilities will be able to break down Mask-marked boxed walls with . Also, when you jump, press and hold  to dash across gaps.

  • Finish a level

    You will get this achievement once you reach the end of the first level.

  • Complete all Peppermint Jungle levels

    To gain this achievement, you must complete all of the levels in the chapter "Peppermint Jungle."

    • Green Glade
    • Pepperbosk
    • Outfield Grove
    • Tricky Track
    • The Mask Downs
  • Complete all Temple of Bunnies levels

    To gain this achievement, you must complete all of the levels in the chapter "Temple of Bunnies."

    • Block Van Pelt
    • Potty Pumpkins
    • Stone Blanket
    • Bunny Blitz
    • King Totem's Pinball
  • Complete all Lunar Surface levels

    To gain this achievement, you must complete all of the levels in the chapter "Lunar Surface."

    • Fly Balls
    • Right Field Space
    • Cosmic Punters
    • Blue Cosmos
    • Big Stompy's Rapid Run
  • Complete all Skies of Paris levels

    To gain this achievement, you must complete all of the levels in the chapter "Skies of Paris."

    • Windy Passage
    • Beagle Fight
    • Cloudy Clash
    • Red Baron's Revenge
  • Complete all Parisian Underground levels

    To gain this achievement, you must complete all of the levels in the chapter "Parisian Underground."

    • Dripping Ducts
    • Soggy Station
    • Dust Magnets
    • Goopy Gutters
    • Burrow of the Muck Monster
  • Complete all Melody Chateau levels

    To gain this achievement, you must complete all of the levels in the chapter "Melody Chateau."

    • Musical Vestible
    • Ludwig's Lodge
    • Hymnal Halls
    • Virtuoso Vaults
    • Keyboard of the Marble Pianist
  • Collect all Jelly Beans in a single level

    Once you get the Beagle Scout costume in chapter "Peppermint Jungle" - "Pepperbosk," replay level "Green Glade" as it only requires said costume to get all of the Jelly Beans in the level.

  • Collect all kids objects

    To get this achievement, you must collect all 6,750 Jelly Beans and all 138 Beagle Scouts in the game. Also, remember to collect all of the Jelly Bean jars as they hold 10 giant Jelly Beans, all counting towards the Jelly Bean count. Please view the video below as it shows all of the locations of Beagle Scouts. Remember - some Beagle Scout areas require a specific costume for you to reach them. Moreover, when going for the Jelly Beans that you've missed, they blend in with the ones you did get as they appear lightly transparent. Just go for all the Jelly Beans on your second run-through of each level, to cover all bases.

  • Unlock the Joe Cool Costume

    You will unlock the Joe Cool costume in chapter "Parisian Underground" - "Dripping Ducts." Your new abilities with the costume on are being able to freeze enemies into blocks of ice when close to them.

  • Unlock the Detective Costume

    You will unlock the Detective costume when you reach the end of the level "Goopy Gutters" in the "Parisian Underground" chapter. The new abilities you gain when wearing this costume is being able to see through walls as a magnifying glass will appear on the screen, revealing items.

    Once you get this costume, "Master of Disguise" will unlock as well.

  • Unlock all Costumes

    To get this achievement, you will collect all of the costumes available to you as you progress through the game. To collect a costume, you must collect the golden keys. Each costume has their unique moves, so please view does individual Achievements for more info.

    They're part of the story, so no need to go hunting for these.

    • Beagle Scout (found in level "Outfield Grove")
    • Flying Ace (found in level "Cosmic Punters")
    • Masked Marvel (found in level "Blue Cosmos")
    • Joe Cool (found in level "Dripping Ducts")
    • Detective Costume (found in level "Goopy Gutters")
  • Complete the game

    To get this achievement, you must complete every level in the game. There are a total of 29 levels.

  • Hover as normal Snoopy for more than 5 seconds

    This achievement can easily be gained on the first level, "Green Glade." When you reach the Woodstock icon, go to the very top of the tree platforms then jump to the left as you hold . The achievement will unlock once you land.

  • Jump on three enemies without touching the ground

    The first time you run into 3 enemies lined up for this achievement is in the level "Pepperbosk." Use Snoopy's hover move (hold ) to line up the enemies to land a good hit.

  • Crash!



    Break through a wall as the Masked Marvel

    You'll acquire the Masked Marvel costume in the chapter "Lunar Surface" - "Blue Cosmos." Once worn, reach a Masked Marvel wall and press  to break it.

  • Defeat The Mask Boss without being hit

    This achievement will be attempted in the chapter "Peppermint Jungle" - "The Mask Downs." You must avoid the balls as the Mask is tossing them at you. Time your jumps on the platforms that hold the balls perfectly as the Mask's movements speed up after every hit.

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