Scud Racer Achievement in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

  • Scud Racer



    Finished 1st in a Race without getting hit by weapons

  • How to unlock Scud Racer

    This will come naturally however if you have difficulty getting this either play a boost race on world tour or single player and you should be guaranteed this.

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  • This one is bugged for sure, I didn't get hit by anything and I didn't got it
  • I got this one without trying. I guess I was kinda lucky.
  • is there a setting on this one like there was on the other game where you can turn off weapons then you could just win a race and get the achievement?
  • I got it without changing any settings. Haul ass to the front and fire weapons behind you by holding down on the analog when you fire.(or the glove)
  • This one is bugged for me. I have done this on about 8 races. Didn't get hit by anything (not even stage hazards) and each time I got nothing...
  • I've done this sooo many times and I've enev played the boost race on world tour and it still hasn't unlocked!!

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