Fighting Viper Achievement in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

  • Fighting Viper



    Evaded or Blocked a homing-weapon 3 times in a Race

  • How to unlock Fighting Viper

    On the traffic challenge on the stage panzer dragoon or the Ocean view stage you will be able to obtain a super glove in an item box. The super glove does not run out and you can go through multiple vehicles with ease and nab this achievement at the same time.

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  • I got this one into a Traffic Attack event. In Panzer Dragon's stage, get a super glove item and touch 3 cars to "block" their attack. I don't know if is a bug, but it works (non-intentional)!
  • It's not a bug what you said, car is a homing weapon in traffic attack :D But I got this achievement with an accident, but not got it, because I was played in multiplayer, and I was the Guest :///
  • Got the achievement thanks for the tip jeffersonrpn

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