SEGA Super Star Achievement in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

  • SEGA Super Star



    Earned your Triple-Star License

  • How to unlock SEGA Super Star

    The big daddy. To unlock this it will mean you must have mastered all three modes. You should have conquered world tour with those horrible traffic challenges. You should have conquered Grand Prix and came first overall on the leader board on both the normal and mirror cups. And finally you should have bested most of sumo's personal best's on time trial mode. If you have this unlocked that means you have exactly 100% and have beat everything the offline had to offer. Congratulations!

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  • Anyone care to shed some light on what the prerequisites are for this achievement
  • I think just play a lot of with this game
  • You need to have 100% completition on your ingame drivers licence. If you complete all World Tour, Grand Prix expert and time trials you should be at 100%. However Kits, Stickers and time trials on the limited edition Outrun track also add to your overall percentage. So it is possible to go even higher. That means if you managed to glitch Yokozuna with the 1. title update you can skip some of the expert ghosts in time trial and still earn a 1000G. I think with all kits, stickers and world tour stars you need around 130 staff ghosts beaten for 100%

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