House Party Of The Dead Achievement in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

  • House Party Of The Dead



    Completed an event with 4 local friends

  • How to unlock House Party Of The Dead

    Set up 4 controllers and make sure you are signed in on the first controller. Choose the first drift stage on the first cup: the jet set stage one. Finish it and the achievement will unlock.

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  • I need to find FOUR friends in my city w/XBox and this game?! Are they seriously?!
  • I'm pretty sure it means 4 players at one console.
  • Wtf, I gotta buy two more controllers for an achievement? Screw off, Sumo Digital.
  • ^It could be worse. They could have you buy hundreds of dollars worth of peripherals to 100% it.
  • Looking to boost this achievement and the other online ones. Only have xbox gold for the weekend though so please hurry :) Gamertag :DrWho1207
  • I've finished events with 4 controllers all active but no achievement. Anyone know why?
  • Just to clarify, you need to complete a World Tour event, this has to be done locally using 4 controllers as there's no online co-op for World Tour. Only your lead profile needs to win/pass the event, let the others time out and the achievement will pop. I personally did it on the drift challenge on Shibuya Downtown but it really doesn't matter.

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